1. Julien Baker
    Memphis, Tennessee
  2. John Bradley
    Piscataway Township, New Jersey
  4. Dads
    Piscataway Township, New Jersey
  5. I'm Glad It's You
    Redlands, California
  6. Kindling
    Easthampton, Massachusetts
  7. Sammi Lanzetta
    Richmond, Virginia
  8. Late Bloomer
    Charlotte, North Carolina
  9. macseal
    New York
  10. Planet Loser
    Tampa, Florida
  11. Self Defense Family
    Cohoes, New York
  12. Suburban Living
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  13. Teen Death
    Richmond, Virginia
  14. Thunder Dreamer
    Evansville, Indiana
  15. typesetter
    Chicago, Illinois
  16. Well Wisher
    Asbury Park, New Jersey
  17. The Winter Passing
  18. Worriers
    Brooklyn, New York


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